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understand what campaign hubs was built for, and the use-cases it addresses

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Campaign Hub has been developed to address the challenges faced by Annual Fund Managers in creating additional campaigns for funds, schools, or challenges. These hubs provide a solution that makes it easier for donors to participate in various initiatives happening on giving days. By breaking down your Giving Day into smaller campaigns, challenges, or initiatives, Campaign Hubs offer a streamlined approach to donor engagement.

Each Campaign Hub represents a dedicated section focusing on specific themes or causes, such as athletics, the Department of Engineering, or other relevant categories. This segmentation allows donors to explore the hubs and choose campaigns that align with their passions, enabling them to contribute to causes they care about and feel a stronger connection.

By integrating the Giving Day structure as shown below, we provide a clear pathway for donors to navigate through the different initiatives πŸ‘‡

Giving Day > Campaign Hub > Individual Campaigns

This approach simplifies the donor experience, making it effortless for them to select and contribute to individual campaigns within the Campaign Hubs.

Discover how to effectively use the Campaign Hub feature in this comprehensive guide, enabling you to streamline donor engagement, effortlessly support multiple causes, and foster a connected giving experience.

Join us as we introduce Campaign Hubs to revolutionize donor engagement during Giving Days. Together, let's make it easier for donors to participate and contribute to causes that matter, driving meaningful impact!

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