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Creating Campaign Hubs

Learn how to craft campaigns within a campaign based on designated funds, affinity, or specific challenges.

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Step 1: Initiate a Campaign Hub

  1. Go to the "Campaign Hubs" section.

  2. Select "Start a hub".

  3. Input a name for the hub; then select "Create Hub".

Step 2: Craft Your Campaign

  1. After the hub is established, start shaping campaigns beneath it.

  2. Fill in details such as the name, description, and an accompanying image for the campaign.

Step 3: Adjust Campaign Settings

  1. Navigate to 'Settings'.

  2. Configure various aspects like the funds' designation, objective, donor segment, and the visibility of the donor's name for the campaign.

Step 4: Release Your Campaign

  1. Select "Publish" to make the campaign active.

  2. Every campaign within a hub possesses a distinct URL, which can be disseminated to potential donors.

  • In a similar fashion, you have the flexibility to include multiple campaigns within the hub.

  • By adopting this method, you can curate several hubs catering to diverse needs and embed numerous campaigns in each hub targeting related initiatives.

Here's an illustration of its presentation on the campaign page.

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