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Three Methods to Drive Engagement for Your Fundraising Campaign
Three Methods to Drive Engagement for Your Fundraising Campaign

leveraging your fundraising campaign to get your community together in more ways than just raising money

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In the world of fundraising, driving engagement is key to success. Your donors and volunteers can create a meaningful impact in more ways than raising money. To enable this impact, here are 3 simple methods to follow.

Empower Your Supporters to "Spread the Word" on Your Behalf

Empowering your supporters to promote your campaign is one of the simplest ways to enable peer-to-peer fundraising.

  • By providing integrated sharing options on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and text messaging, you make it effortless for your supporters to share your mission with their networks.

  • In addition to sharing, providing the ability to track their share and impact further drives propagation. Understanding the reach and impact of your fundraising efforts is essential. Utilizing proprietary technology to track shares and their impact provides valuable insights, empowering both staff and donors to see the real-world effects of their efforts.

Enable Personalized sharing

Providing the ability for donors to personalize their shares with their messages, tributes, and images adds authenticity and a personal touch to the cause. Like adding a picture to honor and remember your football coach, or your 1st-grade teacher goes a long way.

Inspire a Healthy Sense of Competition to Drive Participation

Competition can be a potent motivator. Incorporating challenges and leaderboards into your fundraising strategy can inspire a healthy sense of competition among your supporters. Peer-to-peer fundraising, where individuals or teams compete to raise the most funds, engages people and encourages them to contribute. Leaderboards publicly showcase the efforts of top fundraisers, providing recognition and motivation for others to join in.


Engagement is the cornerstone of successful fundraising. Empowering supporters, making sharing easy, personalizing outreach, tracking results, and setting up your fundraising page to instigate healthy competition are vital strategies. We encourage you to incorporate these in your upcoming fundraising campaign and make the most of your community.

Happy fundraising! πŸš€

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