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Adding a New Program to Your Engagement Report
Adding a New Program to Your Engagement Report

Learn how to add custom programs to be tracked on Almabase's engagement report.

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Almabase automatically tracks touchpoints for standard engagement programs like Events, Forms, Directories, Emails, and Giving Campaigns.

However, you might have other activities, like campus visits, career seminars, or phone-a-thons, that aren't directly set up through Almabase. To include these in your engagement reporting, you can manually add them. Here’s how to do it:

Adding a new program

Step 1: Access Engagement Activity Customization

  1. Go to the main dashboard of your Almabase platform.

  2. Navigate to 'Reports'.

  3. Click on 'Engagement activity'.

  4. Select 'Customize' to begin the process.

Step 2: Add a New Program

  1. In the customization section, select 'Add a new program'.

  2. Enter the name of the new program you wish to track.

  3. Add the specific touchpoints associated with this program that you want to monitor.

  4. Click 'Save' to add the program to your engagement report.

Tracking activities for new/custom programs

Step 1: Access the Customization for the Program

  1. On your Almabase dashboard, go to the 'Customize' tab.

  2. Find the newly added program.

  3. Click on the icon indicated below for that specific program.

Step 2: Record the Touchpoint Details

  1. In the following screen, you’ll find options to select:

    • A touchpoint for the program.

    • The date or period when the activity occurred.

    • The members or users who engaged or participated.

  2. After filling in these details, select 'Submit'.

Step 3: Review the Engagement in the Report

  1. Return to the main 'Reports' section.

  2. Click on the 'Engagement report'.

  3. Under the 'Touchpoints' tab, you will now see the touchpoint you just recorded for the new program.

You can repeat these steps whenever you need to add more members or update details for this touchpoint.

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