For the engagement programs set up on your Almabase platform like — Events, Forms, Directories, Emails, and Giving Campaigns, the touchpoints associated with them are automatically tracked.

These programs don't need any specific setup.

There are many engagement activities and programs that you may conduct outside of Almabase like —

  1. An alum visiting the campus

  2. Career guidance or college application seminar for young students conducted by school alumni

  3. Phone-a-thon initiative to reach out to your supporters

These can still be tracked on Almabase by adding the program and its activities to the engagement report. Let's see how —

Adding a new program

Step 1: Go to Engagement Reports» Customize» Add a new program

Step 2: Enter the program name and add the touchpoints you want to track for this program and hit Save.

Track activities for the new/custom programs

Once you have set up a new program and its activities, the next step is to track those touchpoints.

Step 1: Go to the Customize tab and click on the icon shown below for that program —

Step 2: On the screen that follows, you will see the option to select

  • A touchpoint,

  • When and

  • The members/users who engaged or participated,

    Hit on Submit.

Step 3: Go back to the Engagement report under the Touchpoints tab, you will see the touchpoint you just added for this new program.

Follow the same steps when you want to add more members to this touchpoint.

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