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How to Replicate a Sent Email and Resend it to Non-Openers
How to Replicate a Sent Email and Resend it to Non-Openers
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Here are two ways on how you can create an email group of non-openers, replicate a sent email, and send it only to those people who did not open the email:

Step 1: Create an Email Group of Non-Openers

Method 1: If an email group is created using data pulled from RE NXT or if a list exists from an Excel import

  1. Go to Members -> Engagement Studio.

  2. Click on Add record filter, and paste the filter by selecting the list from Data Studio.

  3. Click on Add engagement filter to create and filter out email non-openers.

  4. Click on the + sign to create a new filter. Add a name to the filter and select the email campaign from which you want to identify non-openers.

  5. You can apply the filter settings: Exclude who -> Opened a bulk email -> Email name -> More than 0 or Include who -> Opened a bulk email -> Email name -> Equal to 0

  6. Once completed, the non-openers will be listed in the table.

  7. Click on the cog icon and create a list. Using this list an email group can be created.

Method 2: If there is no existing list

Step 1: Export the recipient status data and filter out those who didn't open the email.

Step 2: Create an Excel import and then a group can be created with that data list.

Step 2: Replicate the Sent Email

  1. Open the sent email and click on Replicate Email.

  2. After copying it, add the email group created using Engagement Studio or the recipient status data.

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