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Creating an Email Group on Data Studio with Sorting and Filtering Options
Creating an Email Group on Data Studio with Sorting and Filtering Options

Learn more about how to create an email group on Data Studio by sorting and filtering records.

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Data Studio on Almabase offers a seamless way to create email groups using various filters and sorting options.

This guide provides a step-by-step process to create an email group, specifically for a class year such as the class of 2000.

Step 1: Filter Records for the Email Group

  1. Go to the Data Studio section in Almabase.

  2. Apply a filter for "Class Year" and select the specific year, such as 2000, to display only those records.

Step 2: Select Filtered Records

  1. Click the checkbox next to the column headers to select visible records on the current page.

  2. To select all filtered records, use the "Click here to select all [number] records" option.

Step 3: Create the Email Group

  1. Navigate to "Admin Actions" > "Communication Center".

  2. Select "Create an Email Group".

  3. Enter a name for your email group.

  4. Choose the type of email group:

    • List: A static list of selected records. Members will not be updated automatically.

    • Segment: An updating group based on applied filters. New users meeting the criteria will be added automatically.

  5. Learn how to compose an email here.

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