Adding newsletter to navigation menu is a simple three step task. To start off with, search for Edit Main Menu and Footer in the admin panel.

Step 1: 

Navigation Menu edit page will look like the following window, where you can find different headers with dark blue labels. Under each header, you will be able to add pages, newsletters, events etc.

Choose one of the header on your navigation menu, under which you want to add the newsletter.

Step 2:

Click the option [+Add sublink] under the chosen header, upon which following window pops up.

This has three sections which you can edit viz.

Name: Text entered here will get reflected on the navigation menu of the website.

Link: Select the option URL. In this text box, follow this format to add newsletter. “/nl/<name of newsletter>”. So, if the name of your newsletter is reminiscence, then the format would be “/nl/reminiscence”.

In case there are multiple words in newsletter, enter them with separation of a hyphen. e.g: “/nl/college-memories”

Visibility: You can choose one among the options i.e All visitors, Verified Users, or Hidden to set the access of the newsletter.

Once done, please make sure you click [Save Changes] on the pop up window and the one available on bottom right corner of navigation menu edit page as well.

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