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How to Add a New Job or Internship Post and Edit an Existing Post?
How to Add a New Job or Internship Post and Edit an Existing Post?

This article details out the procedure to add new job or internship postings on the Job or Internship Board

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Steps to be followed by an Alumni to post a job:

  • Search for the Job or Internship Board on the Homepage Header menu.

  • Click on the + Button right next to the Search and Filter Bar. This will open a submission Form.

  • Fill up all the details for the open position and click on Submit. The Job/Internship will go live on the Job/Internship board if it matches the Publish Criteria.

Steps to be followed by an Admin to post a job:

There are multiple ways in which an Admin can post Jobs.

1. Using the Header menu on Homepage

The same steps can be followed as mentioned for alumni. The Job Board can be accessed through the header menu on the Home Page, and job postings can be added.

2. Using the Directory

On the Directory Settings, under Directory Name, click on Add a new entry to open the submission form.

3. Using the Form

Go to Admin panel > Manage Forms and click on the form associated with the job/internship board. Once you open the form, Click on Share Form on the top right and click on Open Form to make a new submission.

Alternatively, open the submission tab and click on the + button on the bottom left to add a new entry.

Note: If you want to limit the job posting to only Admins, go to Directory Settings, scroll down to Other Settings, and select No under Show "Add" Button.

Steps to be followed by an Admin to edit an existing post

1. On the Directory, open the Preview and Embed tab.

2. Open the post by clicking on it. Click on the Edit button on the top right to edit the existing information.

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