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Editing the Course Structure in the Admin Panel
Editing the Course Structure in the Admin Panel

Learn how to modify degree and major field options for registration and add additional study options.

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Editing the course structure on your platform changes the options available in the drop-down menus on the registration page. However, this won't alter the education details on existing profiles.

Step 1: Access Course Structure

Go to 'Course Structure' in the admin panel.

Step 2: Edit Existing Structure

To modify an existing structure, click on the box for the specific field and edit it.

Step 3: Add Additional Course Options

  1. Click 'Add Row' to create additional options for course entries.

  2. A new row will appear. Click on it to add data similar to the previous step.

Step 4: Save Changes

Ensure you click 'Save course structure' in the bottom-right corner after making any changes.

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