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Editing Directories Created Using Templates
Editing Directories Created Using Templates

see how to make changes to a directory created using one of the preset templates

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Templates are set up based on the most common use cases for Directories. However, there could be parts of these pre-set templates that you may wish to edit to suit your need.

Here we will see how to edit the settings for directories created using templates —

  • Make changes to the Form linked to the Directory.

    • Every Directory created using a template has a pre-built form linked to it.

    • These forms can be edited the way you need.

    • Click on Manage Form. And you will head to the form's setup page, where you can update the form fields as needed.

    • Note: It is recommended to make changes to the forms before any submissions are made. Some edits are restricted once the submissions are in.

  • Change the directory display, and search & sort settings

    • A default display setup is made to the Directory created using a template.

    • Click on Display Settings to make any changes to it.

    • Similarly, the Search & Sort Settings set up by default can also be changed.

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