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Editing Directories Created Using Templates
Editing Directories Created Using Templates

Learn how to modify directories made with preset templates to better meet your needs.

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Directories often start with preset templates based on common use cases. Sometimes, you may want to tweak these templates. Here's how:

Modifying the Form Linked to the Directory

  • Each template-based directory has a pre-built form.

  • To edit this form, click on 'Manage Form'. This leads you to the form's setup page, where you can update the fields as needed.

Note: It's best to make form changes before receiving any submissions. Some edits might be restricted after submissions are made.

Changing Directory Display and Search & Sort Settings

  • Directories come with a default display setup.

  • Click on 'Display Settings' to alter this.

  • You can also adjust the 'Search & Sort Settings', initially set by default.

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