How Do Email Masking and Replies Work?

Why does my email look different from my actual email address when I send through the platform? How do replies to emails work?

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What is email masking?

When an email is sent out on Almabase, it is sent from a special email id that looks like, instead of (which is the email that is listed on your profile page)

Why do emails need to be masked?

  1. Emails need to pass the DMARC test. Learn More

  2. Privacy

How do the emails look to the receiver for one-to-one emails?

If an email is sent between 2 alumni, the receiver will see it in their inbox like this:
From: John Doe (
Reply to :

The replies to this, are then automatically forwarded to the actual email address on their respective profiles (say, This way, alumni can start conversations with others on the platform, without having to reveal their private email addresses.

What about bulk emails to an email group?

Let's suppose the sender of the email was Marcus.
From: Marcus Williams(
Reply to :

For bulk emails, any reply to the email will first come to, and then be forwarded to Marcus' real inbox (let's say it is

In a similar manner, when Marcus replies to that email, it will first be sent to a masked email that was generated by Almabase for the author of the first reply.

Wait, so can anyone who has access to this masked email can send an email to my alumni?

Not quite. when a reply or an email hits the Almabase system, the sender's email is looked up on your database. If no record has been found for that email, the email will not go through to the final recipient.

Eg: If someone named Greg tries to send an email to ; Almabase first checks for Greg's email on your Almabase database.
If it exists - John will receive the email.
If it does not exist - John will not receive the email. Greg will subsequently get an automated reply from Almabase stating that he does not have sufficient permissions to email John.

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