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How to Add a Form to Pages?

Learn how to add a form for applications, surveys, and more to the pages you create on the Almabase platform.

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Forms created on the platform can easily be integrated into the pages you develop.

Step 1: Select the Page

  1. Go to "Pages" on the admin panel.

  2. Choose the page where you want to insert the form.

Step 2: Access Content Editor

Click "Select" under the content editor window.

Step 3: Choose the Form

  1. A pop-up will appear listing all the forms you've created using "Forms".

  2. Click on the title of the form you wish to link.

Step 4: Save Changes

Click "Save" to store your changes.

How the Form Appears on a Page

  • Any form added to a page will be displayed at the bottom.

  • Users can fill in the required details and submit the form using the "Submit" button at the end of the form.

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