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Learn more about utilizing the Almabase page editor to craft rich, dynamic content.

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Almabase's Pages feature offers a versatile tool for creating diverse content. Here's a look at the features that can enhance your page creation:


The foundation of Pages, and templates provide various layouts for you to fill with content, enabling the creation of visually appealing layouts.


These allow you to embed dynamic content into your pages. Widgets can be used alongside templates to create dynamic and engaging pages.

Note: To remove a widget, click on the code in square brackets and select “Remove Widget” in the pop-up, rather than using the backspace/delete key.



You can insert forms into your pages.

  1. Select the page from the admin panel.

  2. Click the Select option below the content editor window.

  3. Choose the form that you created from the pop-up list.

  4. Save your changes.


Utilize the Code View option in the editor to format content using HTML.

Additional Elements

Enhance your pages with images and videos for more attractiveness.


Configure access rights (public, logged-in users, or admin only), membership level restrictions, and status (draft or publish).

Examples of Engaging Pages

Remember to add your page under a header on the navigation menu for it to be visible on the site. Learn more here.

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