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How to Export Form Submissions?
How to Export Form Submissions?

Learn how to easily export form submissions from Almabase to Excel for streamlined data collection.

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After your alumni have submitted forms on Almabase, you may need to collect and organize this data.

This process is straightforward and efficient for gathering comprehensive submission data.

Step 1: Access Form Settings

  1. Navigate to the Form settings page in Almabase.

Step 2: Go to Export Tab

  1. Select the "Export" tab on the Form settings page.

Step 3: Export Submissions

  1. Click on "Export Submissions".

  2. The system will download the data in Excel format, including all fields/questions and each user's responses.

Note for Event or Giving Page Submissions

  • For Event submissions, go to the "Events and Sync" tab.

  • For Giving page submissions, use the "Export" tab on the admin side.

Additional Feature: Form Connectors

Consider setting up form connectors to push information from forms directly to records on Almabase. Refer to the form connectors for detailed instructions.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄

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