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Can we change the font?

Font changes will only be reflected on the Online Community platform. Everything else remains the same. Font can be changed to any of the Google-supported fonts. To make this change, reach out to help@almabase.com

Does your system run address verification when a person enters/updates it online?

No, we do not run an address verification.

Should we upload dead/deceased alumni? How would they show on the record?

Yes, you can upload dead/deceased alumni onto the platform. Please share the info about deceased alumni (deceased status (Y/N), Date of Death) with help@almabase.com, and we will get it added to the platform. They'll be marked as ‘deceased' alumni on the directory and unlisted from receiving any emails.

Can we, as site admins, add a new degree value to the existing list? (For example, if we offer 17 degrees this year and we have those on the list, can we add another degree next year?)

Yes, as site admins, you will have access to adding new degree values to the existing list. Please find more about editing the course structure in this help article.

Can we fix duplicates on the platform?

We have a duplicate finder tool that will surface potential duplicates. The Duplicates tool can be found on the admin panel -> Members -> Duplicates.
It is recommended to merge duplicates regularly. Please find more information about merging duplicate profiles in this help article.

Can you change the interests offered?

Yes, please share the changes with help@almabase.com, and we'll get it added to your platform.

How do I remove mentors?

Under "User management," you'll find "Mentorship." Within this, there is an option called "Mentors". You can find the list of users who signed up for mentorship here. Click on the check box beside the mentor name whom you want to delete, and on the bottom left of the same page, you'll find a drop-down. Select "Delete selected mentor,” and click on Proceed.

I have a table in Excel, and I need to insert it on a page. How can I do it while retaining the formatting?

You can copy the Excel table to the page editor directly.

The editor will format it into a table, but the format of the contents within the table will not be copied.

You will have to format the cell contents using the formatting options available in the page editor.

I am trying to delete some profiles from the Data Studio. The unregistered profiles are deleted, but the registered ones are not.
This is the error statement I am getting is: "Profile has user linked with. Cannot delete profile.” Is there a way to delete these profiles?

Registered profiles cannot be deleted from the “Data Studio.” Follow the below steps to delete them:

Step 1: Via the admin panel, go to Reports > Pending user approvals.

Change the registration status on the top left to show "All".

Step 2: All registered users will be listed here. Find the user you want to delete and select the checkbox beside the profile.

Step 3: From the dropdown box in the bottom left side, select “Delete selected user” and click on “Proceed.”

Step 4: On the page that appears next, click on the bottom right side button “Yes, I’m sure”.

Can people sign up using LinkedIn, FB, or just their email address?

Users will have the option to sign up using LinkedIn, Facebook, or email.

What information is synced when users register via Facebook or LinkedIn on Almabase

The following data is synced when users register using any of the supported social media channels.

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Profile Picture

If employment on the LinkedIn profile is updated, does it automatically sync to Almabase, or does the user have to update it manually?

The employment information from LinkedIn is not automatically updated on Almabase. The user will need to update the employment manually on Almabase.

What is the dimension for metadata pictures when we post on Social Media platforms?

The dimensions for the Metadata picture are 1200 x 630 pixels.
Please find more information on this link: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/best-practices/

Can we restrict access to certain features, like Directory, Gallery, etc., to only specific roles?

To restrict access to features to specific roles, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Admin panel > Settings > Access Control.

  2. Click on the "Access Control" tab.

  3. In the list of features, click on the "Edit" button next to the feature you want to restrict access to.

  4. A pop-up window will appear. In the "Memberships and Roles" section, select the roles and/or memberships that you want to deny access to this feature.

  5. Click on the "Save" button.

    Users with the selected roles and/or memberships will no longer be able to access the feature. If you uncheck all options, all users will have access to the feature.

How can I change the logo/icon that shows on the tab or when I share the website link?

This image can be changed by adding the updated Favicon under branding.

Go to Site Settings Branding ➡ and add the favicon under Icon. The dimensions of the favicon icon should be 16X16 Px and in .ico Format.

What is the maximum file size for images that can be uploaded to the gallery?

The maximum file size for images that can be uploaded to the gallery is 10 MB. The system will show an error message for file sizes that exceed 10 MB.

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