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Find answers to common questions about the profile page, how to access it, customize fields and more.

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What is the Profile page?

The Profile page showcases details entered by the user or admin.

  • Only the profile user or admin can fully access and edit this data.

  • Other registered users can see limited fields like Name, Birthdate, Location, Education Details, Other Education Details, Employment information, work location, interests, preferences, accomplishments, and skills.

  • Direct visibility of Email and social media links is restricted, but contacting is available via 'Send Message' and other buttons like Facebook and LinkedIn.

How do I access the Profile page?

  1. Go to the 'Home' page.

  2. Look for Directory → By Search.

  3. This leads to a search page displaying profile cards. Find and click on a desired profile card to access the corresponding Profile page.

Can I customize fields on the Profile Page?

Default fields on the Profile Page are unmodifiable, with a few exceptions in the Education section. To add more fields or sections, contact help@almabase.com. These additions are termed 'Custom Fields'.

Here's a breakdown of the various default sections and it's associated fields:

  • <<your institute name>> Education

    • Degree, Field Of Study, Specialization, Year of Entry, Year of Graduation, and Year of Leaving.

  • Other Education

    • School/College/University Name, Degree, Field of Study, Specialization, Year of Entry, and Year of Graduation.

  • Experience

    • Employer, Designation, Job Domain, From - Month, and Year and To - Month, and Year.

  • Accomplishments

    • Type, Description

  • Other Details

    • Gender, Date of Birth, Wedding Anniversary Date, Home address (Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Zip Code, and Home Phone Number), Office address (Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Zip Code, and Office Phone Number), Deceased Information (Deceased(checkbox), Deceased Date, Additional information), External Database ID(for RE NXT).

  • Other fields that appear in the side panel

    • Short Bio, Email ID, Phone number, Membership, Middle Name, Maiden Name, Nick Name, Preferences, Interests, Skills, and Social media.

Which fields are visible to all alumni?

  • Fields with a padlock icon: Only visible to the administrator and profile owner.

  • Fields with a 'person' icon: Administrator-exclusive.

  • All other fields: Visible to all alumni.

Can we modify field permissions?

Fields like Email, Mobile Phone Number, and Addresses have adjustable view permissions, either to:

  • Profile User (owner and admins) or

  • All Members (all verified platform users).

Is it possible to change the Name fields labels?

Only the Maiden Name label is editable. The rest are fixed.

Can we modify labels in the 'Education' section?

Yes, but labels have a 20-character limit.

Can the range for 'Year of Graduation' and 'Year of Entry' be adjusted?

Yes, specify your desired range.

Can default sections be removed?

No, but you can add more sections if desired.

Can any default fields be deleted?

Only the Gender and Year of Entry fields can be hidden.

How to introduce new fields or sections?

Contact our operations team at help@almabase.com. For custom fields, view and edit permissions can be set to Admin only, Profile Users, or All Members.

Can the Class Year reflect the Year of Entry instead of Graduation?

Yes, contact us at help@almabase.com for this change; admins can't adjust it.

Why can't I send a message to an alum?

If the 'Send Message' option is inactive, it means the alum opted out of direct messages. They need to change this preference via their email unsubscribe settings.

Which fields on the user profile can be made visible to the admin only?

There are a few default fields on the profile that cannot be made admin only. The default field groups include:

  • Emails

  • College Education

  • Other education

  • Experience

  • Accomplishments

  • Other details

  • Marital information

  • Solicit codes

Any field other than the ones mentioned above can be made visible to admin only.

15. Why does the profile completion % not show 100% completed? What can I do to complete it?

The profile completion percentage will not show 100% as some fields may be hidden from you but are visible to the admins for internal usage.

Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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