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How to Initiate a Refund for Canceled Event Registration?
How to Initiate a Refund for Canceled Event Registration?

Learn more about how to process refunds for canceled event registrations on Almabase.

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We understand that occasionally, refunds may be required due to cancellations or changes. As such we make it easy for you to handle refunds with two options.

  1. No Refunds: Set a no-refund policy for your event. When implementing such a policy, please communicate clearly to your guests beforehand.

  2. Process Refunds Manually: Handle refunds yourself. Almabase does not have a built-in mechanism to initiate refunds directly yet. Instead, you will have to

    1. Refund from your payment account

    2. Update the guest's registration info on Almabase

If you select 'process refunds manually,' both you and the attendee get an email for applicable refunds upon cancellation or edits. Follow the instructions to manually refund and update the event registration.

Here's how you can do it manually

Step 1: Initiate Refund from Payment Account

  1. Go to your payment account linked with the event.

  2. Start the refund process using your chosen payment gateway, like BBMS, PayPal, or Stripe.

Step 2: Inform the Guest

  1. After successfully processing the refund, send a notification to the guest.

  2. Provide all needed details and confirmations related to the refund.

Step 3: Update Registration in Almabase

  1. Navigate to the Guest Manager tab for the specific event.

  2. Locate the guest's registration under the "Won't be attending" section.

  3. Click on "Edit Refund" and input the refunded amount.

For any further questions or assistance, please contact us at or through the Intercom Chat πŸ’¬. We are here to assist you! πŸ˜„

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