While there are other channels where you can create and publish content, such as: Stories, News, Events, Gallery, Newsletters etc. Pages is the most versatile option for content creation.

Let's look at some of the features that can help you create rich content on your pages.


Templates are at the core of pages. Think of these like layouts into which you can fill your content. Using templates you can create rich layouts.



Widgets let you embed dynamic content onto your pages.
Widgets can be used in tandem with Templates  to build out compelling dynamic Pages.

Note: To delete any widget which is added on the page, don't hit backspace/delete. Instead, click the on the code in the square brackets and following pop will appear. Then click “Remove Widget” and it gets removed. 



Yes! You can insert a form onto the Pages that you create. 

  • Step 1: Select the page on which you'd like to insert the form. You can do this from Pages on the admin panel, 

  • Step 2: Click Select option below the content editor window. 

  • Step 3: A pop up will appear with the list of forms that you've created using Forms. Click on the title of the form you'd like to link.

  • Step 4: Click Save to store your changes



You can edit/format your content using HTML code using the Code View option on the editor.


Other things that you can add to make your page more attractive are Images, and Videos.

There are few additional options you can set on Pages

Access: You can set viewing rights of a certain page either to public, logged-in users or admin only using the options from the drop down.

Membership: If your alumni association has any membership options available, this can be used to restrict access to the page to specific membership levels.

Status: You can use this to save your work as a draft and resume later. Once done, you can select “publish option”.



Here are a few pages created by some of our partner schools. Take a look and see if you get any ideas that you could incorporate into your institution.

Using Templates:

Staff page: https://www.llusmaa.org/page/our-staff-1

Introduction page: https://alumni.frenchamericansf.org/page/who-we-are

Welcome page: https://alumni.emmaus.edu/page/welcome

Using Widgets:
Preferences: https://www.llusmaa.org/page/senior-host-programs

Albums: https://alumni.keystoneschool.org/page/alumni-day

Profile card: https://alumni.gannacademy.org/page/about-us and https://www.gacsalumni.com/page/alumni-board

Using Forms:

Ballot: https://www.llusmaa.org/page/holding-fund-2019

Survey: https://alumni.lpu.in/page/polling-and-information-for-hyderabad-alumni-reunion

Other Interesting Examples:

Explaining Mentorship feature: https://alumni.cannonschool.org/page/mentor-program

Features on the site: https://alumni.cannonschool.org/page/feature-page

Note: For the page to appear on the site, you’ll have to add it under one of the headers on the navigation menu. This article explains how

Write to us at help@almabase.com in case of any queries

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