Access to the features like Directory, Jobs, Events, Photo Gallery, etc. can be set based on Affiliation and Membership Type.

How to set it up?

Follow the 3 easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1

Search for Access Control in the admin panel.

Step 2

You will be navigated to the following page, where all the features are listed.

Click on the Edit button adjacent to the feature you would like to set the access for.
Let's say you want to set up access for Directory. Click on Edit adjacent to Directory

Step 3

In the following window you can choose the Affiliation and/ or the Membership Type you want to restrict the access to Directory for.

If you don't select anything, the feature will be accessible to all users.

Let's say, you don't want the Directory to be accessible to Membership - Mentor, and Affiliations - Student, and Other.
Click on the checkboxes, and hit Restrict.

You can see that the setting was done successfully and memberships, and affiliations that are restricted are shown against the feature.

If a user with affiliation Student tries to access Directory, following page will be shown.(email address in the message will be the one on the footer of your site)

Similarly you can set it up for other features too.

Except for the Photo Gallery, all other features are totally restricted from being viewed.
In Photo Gallery, the users who are restricted can still view the gallery but cannot upload any photos.

In case of Jobs and Internships, users can view the list of jobs/internships but cannot apply for any of them or Post a new Job/Internship or see more details related to the Job/Internship

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