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Creating Events with Tickets and Discounts
Creating Events with Tickets and Discounts

Learn more about creating a paid event, devising various ticket types, and introducing discount features.

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Setting up tickets is a progression after crafting a basic event.


  • Set up a simple RSVP event. Follow the steps here.

Step 1: Set up a payment account

  1. Navigate to the “Payments” segment.

  2. Opt for the payment account designed to process payments for the event.

  3. Set your preferred currency.

  4. Choose a return policy.

Note: For refund policies, you have two choices: "No refunds" or "Process refunds manually". When manual refunds are selected and a participant cancels or edits their registration, both parties receive an alert email. Upon administering the refund, update the registration using “Guest Manager”.

Step 2: Add Tickets

  1. Go to the “Tickets” area.

  2. Click “Add a Ticket”.

  3. A sidebar appears. Under Basic Settings:

    • Input Ticket Name.

    • Provide a Description.

    • Set the Pricing.

  4. For Ticket Types, choose between:

    • Mandatory Ticket

    • Sponsored/Team Ticket

    • Seated Tickets

    • Open Tickets

  5. Fill in ticket details:

    1. [For seated tickets only) Number of seats the ticket admit

    2. Max number of tickets available (optional)

    3. Start and End Date (optional)

    4. Ticket Images (optional)

    5. Publish

  6. Press “Save Changes”

Mandatory Ticket

  • The base fare.

  • It is automatically added to your cart based on the number of guests that are attending.

  • There is no mandatory ticket for sub-events.

Note: The user can't remove this. It is automatically updated based on the number of guests coming. E.g. If the base fare is $10 and there are 3 guests, the cart value will be $30. You will find this under Mandatory Tickets. This is best for base charges or to compensate for taxes/payment processor fees.

Sponsored or Team ticket

  • This ticket allows the buyer to specify the guests later.

  • Ideal for team-based or sponsored events.

  • The main difference between this ticket and the Seated ticket is the ability to specify the guest's name later.

  • With the Sponsored ticket you can cater to the following:

    • A business wants to sponsor a dinner table for 8 guests but isn't sure about the guest's details yet.

    • Register a team for a game event and provide the guest details later.

Seated Tickets

  • These are your reservations.

  • You can decide how many people each ticket can seat.

  • Set this number under 'Ticket Settings'.

  • E.g. For a 'Single dinner ticket' - 1 ticket might seat one person, while a 'Table Dinner ticket' might seat, say 4 people with one ticket.

  • Note that this ticket can only be purchased after specifying the guests.

  • E.g. If you purchase a ticket for 4 seats, you must first indicate the 4 guests.

  • You'll be asked to add the appropriate number of guests if you select more or less.

Open Tickets

  • This ticket type allows users to select any number of tickets.

  • Unlike mandatory or seated tickets, it is independent of the number of guests on the registration.

  • But, like other tickets - you can set up a limit on the number of tickets that an individual is allowed to buy.

  • A good use case would be to facilitate the selling of merchandise or getting donations. You could even add gift tickets to provide registrants with an option to give back!

Step 3: Add discounts

  1. Click “Add a discount”.

  2. Formulate discounts using criteria like cart value, ticket type, or affiliation.

  3. Depending on your Almabase subscription, establish discounts using the “Online Alumni Community”.

  4. Determine the visibility of public discounts during checkout.

Note: Affiliation or Membership-based discounts would work only if you have the Online Alumni Community as part of your Almabase subscription.

For instance, in the example below we have set up a discount code 'Luncheon' with:

  • A discount of 10% on the total cart value, with the maximum discount being 20$

  • AND: to avail of the discount the cart value should at least be 50$.

  • AND: Only users with the affiliation 'Alumni' can avail of the discount.

  • Turn the toggle Publish off if you want to keep the discount as a draft or disable it.

  • Turn the toggle Public Discount off if you want to keep the discount code private.

Note: During checkout, available discounts appear in your cart. No need for codes; simply choose the best discount for you. Unavailable discounts are greyed out. E.g., a 50% GOLD member discount is visible to all, but only accessible to GOLD members.

Step 4: Save the Event

Conclude by pressing “Save Changes”.

Here's what the check-out flow will look like for a user that registers:

For any further questions or assistance, please contact us at or through the Chat 💬. We are here to assist you! 😄

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