Exporting Event Data

Export Guest Data with form entries, Ticket Data - who bought them,and Registration data - guests, payments and booking form entries

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There are 4 different data exports for Events:

  1. Guest Export
    This export lists guest's and accompanying guest's details like Name, Email, Phone Number, and other form entries, if any.

  2. Ticket Export
    Same as the guest export but split based on each ticket using different worksheets in a file. The data will show how many tickets were purchased and in case of Seated Ticket it will also show the details of guests for whom the tickets were purchased.

    Note : Export won't include Mandatory tickets

  3. Registration Export
    This export will have all the details related to registration like Registration Date, Registration Status, RSVP response, Number of guests(within each registration), Amount Paid, Discount applied, Tickets purchased, and Registration form entries, if any.

  4. Itinerary Export
    This export is almost similar to the guest data export with an additional column for sub events the guests are attending.

A sample data for each of the export is given here.

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