Exporting Event Data

Learn more about how to export various types of data related to your event, such as guest details, ticket information etc.

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There are 4 different Event data export options.

  1. Guest Export

  2. Ticket Export

  3. Registration Export

  4. Itinerary Export

Guest Export

This exports both the guests and accompanying guests' details (e.g. Name, Email, Phone Number, etc.)

Ticket Export

Same as the guest export but the guests are categorized based on the tickets they bought.

It will also show data on how many tickets were purchased. E.g. Under 'Seated tickets', it will show which guests bought this ticket.

Note: Export won't include Mandatory tickets.

Registration Export

Everything related to registration will be exported here. E.g. Registration Date, Registration Status, RSVP response, etc.

Itinerary Export

Almost similar to that of the guest export but with an additional column for sub-events that the guests are attending.

Sample Data

Find sample data for each of the exports here.

Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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