Understanding Managing Event Guest Data

Learn more about managing your event guests, from emailing different types of guests to viewing and editing their details.

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Managing guest data for an event can be challenging, especially as the number of attendees grows. The 'Guest Manager' tab under the 'Events' section on Almabase simplifies this process.

Here’s how you can efficiently manage your event guests:

  1. Accessing Guest Information: The 'Guest Manager' displays a list of registered guests and their accompanying guests. It also shows each guest's registration details, including ticket and contact information.

  2. Recording Engagement Data: Almabase automatically maps guests to database records using their registration email. For unmapped guests, you can manually link them to the correct record.

  3. Membership Details: If applicable, the guest's membership plan is shown next to their details.

  4. Filter Options: Use filters to sort guests by event registration status (e.g., Pending Payment, Checked-In), responses (e.g., Will Attend, Won’t Attend), and mapping status.

  5. Search and Email Guests: Search for guests by name and email different groups, including those who are registered, pending payment, or have checked in.

  6. Filter by Sub-Events: Filter guests by specific sub-events they are attending.

  7. Viewing and Editing Guest Details:

    • On a laptop/desktop: Hover over a guest's name and click 'View Details'. Here, you can edit registration details, resend confirmation emails, and view payment details.

    • On a mobile device: Tap beside a guest's name to view or edit their details.

  8. Adding Guests: Use the "+" icon at the bottom of the page to add new guests, redirecting you to the event registration page.

  9. Check-In Process:

    • On a laptop/desktop: Click the 'Check In' button when you hover over a guest in the list.

    • On a mobile device: Swipe right on the guest's name to check them in or cancel their check-in.

  10. Mapping Guest Data: For unmapped guests, click or tap 'Unmapped' and select the correct profile to link them to.

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