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Understanding Personal Itineraries
Understanding Personal Itineraries

Learn how personal itineraries can help improve your guest's experience by telling them where their next event is and more.

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The Challenge

For sprawling events with numerous sub-events over multiple days, attendees often grapple with a complex schedule. They find themselves continuously cross-referencing tickets against a general schedule, causing frustration and confusion.

Traditional Solutions

Some larger institutions attempted to mitigate this by providing pre-printed itineraries, but the process was arduous, prone to errors, and not scalable for recurring events.

Introducing 'Personal Itineraries'

To address these challenges, the 'Personal Itineraries' feature was developed. It provides each guest (including their companions) with a customized, print-friendly schedule, outlining their specific sub-events, timings, and locations.

How It Works

The system intelligently cross-references a guest's tickets with sub-event details to prepare a print-friendly itinerary.


It supports both open and seated tickets, though seated tickets offer a more precise itinerary as the systems can better recognize who exactly is attending the event.

For accompanying guests with an open ticket, their itinerary will show the number of tickets bought.

Itinerary Contents

It includes all sub-events a guest is eligible to attend, encompassing both ticketed and non-ticketed events.

Excluding Sub-Events

Organizers have the option to omit certain sub-events from the itinerary if deemed irrelevant.

Accessing Personal Itineraries

Guests receive their personal itinerary in the Guest Kit via the confirmation email post-registration.

Best Practices

  • Favor seated tickets for accuracy.

  • Ensure sub-events are appropriately linked to tickets.

  • Avoid assigning the same ticket to multiple sub-events.

What's next?

The 'Personal Itineraries' feature is currently in beta.

Feedback is welcomed to refine and enhance its utility. Suggestions can be communicated through or the support chat.

Please write to us at or through the Chat πŸ’¬ if you have any queries or concerns about adding funds. πŸ˜„

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