Types of Tickets for Events

Details on the different types of tickets available for events and their functionality.

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There are four types of tickets that admins can choose from -

  • Seated ticket

  • Open ticket

  • Sponsored/Team ticket

  • Mandatory ticket.

Understanding the Ticket Functionalities

  1. Mandatory Tickets

    • These tickets are used when you want the event to have a base fare, i.e., every user that registers will have to mandatorily buy this ticket even if there are other types of tickets available for the event.

    • The user will only have to specify the number of guests, and their carts will automatically be updated with the total ticket amount (since this ticket is mandatory)

      • NOTE: If the base fare is 10$ and three guests are attending, the cart value will be 30$ even if you select no additional tickets. You'll see the applicable Mandatory Tickets when clicking on View Cart. This is best used for base/cover charges or even to compensate for taxes and payment processor fees that apply to each guest.

  2. Seated Tickets

    • Seated tickets are reservations for an event. Registrants purchasing the ticket must specify each guest's details that need this ticket.

    • Admins can decide how many guests each ticket can seat. E.g. For a 'Single dinner ticket' - 1 ticket might seat one person, while a 'Table Dinner ticket' might seat, say, four people with one ticket and be priced accordingly.

    • If one ticket seats more than one person, tickets can be purchased only along that respective multiple. If a ticket seats 2 - you can either buy one ticket for two guests or two tickets for four guests and so on.

  3. Open Tickets

    • Registrants can buy open tickets in any number they like. These are optional tickets that the registrants can choose to add to their cart.

    • Open tickets are widely used to sell merchandise like school t-shirts, school pennants, etc. Unlike mandatory or seated tickets, there is no restriction on the number of open tickets that can be purchased.

        • Note: Because open tickets can be purchased in any quantity, they are not assigned to specific guests; thus, all open tickets will be associated with the Main guest/registrant on the event exports.

  4. Sponsored/Team tickets

    • Sponsored Tickets allow users to buy a ticket that admits more than one guest without specifying each guest's name at checkout.

      • For example, If a business is trying to sponsor a dinner table for eight guests but isn't sure about the guest's details yet, sponsored tickets will allow the user to purchase the tickets and then specify the details of the guests later.

CLICK HERE for detailed information on how Sponsored/Team tickets work

Ticket Settings

Once the ticket type is selected, you can configure the ticket from "Ticket Settings."

You can edit the following options,

  • How many people does each ticket admit/seat?
    You can preset the number of guests that can enter/access the event with one ticket.

  • Set the maximum number of tickets per user.
    Here, you can add the maximum number of tickets that a user (email address) can add to their cart.

  • Start sale on - Close sale on
    Here, you can schedule the date the ticket goes live and when the ticket sale should end.

  • Set the maximum number of tickets available.
    This enables you to limit the number of tickets available for the overall event.

  • Ticket Image

    Upload an image of the ticket here to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Publish Toggle
    This option lets you keep the ticket in draft or listed on the ticket section during the registration flow.

Pro Tip: You can do more by adding discounts to tickets.

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