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FAQs on Events & Subevents Sync with Raiser's Edge
FAQs on Events & Subevents Sync with Raiser's Edge

Find answers to common questions and workarounds regarding Events and Subevents sync to Raiser's Edge.

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Why are some guests not synced to Raiser's Edge?

Guests without a System Record ID or those unmapped won't sync. To include non-constituents, select "Sync guests even if there is no constituent record."

How do I reset sync and start over?

Navigate to Sync and Exports tab of the event > Remove All Data. This will clear guest data but retain event and ticket data.

How do I only sync gift amounts?

Choose "Only gifts (via gift tickets) are pushed" under Ticket configuration.

This will push only donations and other event details to Raiser's Edge:

  • Event Data:

    • Event Name and Date

    • Ticket Name and Amount

  • Participant Data:

    • RSVP and Registration date

    • Number of tickets purchased (including accompanying guest)

    • Check-in status

Can unmapped guests be synced?

Yes, select "Sync guests even if there is no constituent record" from the dropdown and save changes.

When does the check-in status sync?

It will be synced once the event is over. Also once all guests have checked-in, you can sync again to mark all guests as 'Attended'.

What if I chose the wrong sync configuration?

Use the "Remove All Data" option in the Sync and Exports tab. This clears guest data, allowing you to change the configuration. Note that event and ticket data will remain synced but the guests associated data will be removed.

How do I correct a guest with an incorrect System Record ID?

  1. Update the System Record ID on the User's profile.

  2. Resync the guest from Guest Dashboard.

Is sub-event sync exclusive to the events advanced plan?

Yes, this feature is only available with the events advanced plan.

Does "Sync main event and sub-events as a single event on RENXT" include sub-event info?

No, all guests will sync under the Main Event name on RENXT.

How does payment info flow with sub-event sync?

Payments linked to a sub-event appear in that sub-event on RENXT. Others appear in the main event.

How does "Remove All Data" work with sub-events?

It will remove data from both main and sub-events.

How does marking a guest as ignored work?

Ignored guests won't appear on Raiser's Edge; their activities are only recorded on Almabase.

Can we change sync settings after an event is synced on RENXT?

No, post-sync, the configuration is locked and can't be changed.

How does sync work for multi-sub-event tickets?

The system assumes a ticket is associated with only one sub-event at any given time.

Where can I set up Appeal, Campaign, and Package for payment?

Navigate to Sync and Exports in the event setup page and click on Payment Configuration to edit these settings.

How does "Ignore this activity" work for accompanying guests during sync?

Using the "Ignore this activity" toggle, the guest's activity will be recorded only on Almabase and won't sync or show up on Raiser's Edge.

Why do new records on Almabase have a System Record ID but not a Constituent ID?

  • System Record ID is mandatory for syncing and is the Constituent ID on Raiser's Edge.

  • This gets pulled into Almabase during sync.

  • Constituent ID on Almabase corresponds to Lookup ID on RENXT, which remains empty if the profile doesn't exist on RENXT.

I do not see all payments in the batch, why is it so?

Assuming that the sync configuration is such that gifts should be pushed to Raiser's edge, here are some things that might prevent gifts from getting created in the payment batch:

  • Event failed to sync

  • Guest failed to sync because of some errors

What can I expect to see on Raiser’s Edge when guest sync is done and payment batch sync is pending?

You should be able to see the following information after guest sync is done (and batch sync is pending):

  • Event

  • Event Fee (ticket definition)

  • Participants (guests)

  • Event Participant Fee (bought tickets)

What can I expect to see on Raiser’s Edge when the entire sync flow is complete? (payment batch sync is done)

You should see the following information after the entire sync flow is complete::

  • Event

  • Event Fee (ticket definition)

  • Participants (guests)

  • Event Participant Fee (bought tickets)

  • Gifts (encapsulated payment information)

  • Participant Fee Payments (payment made towards ticket purchase)

  • Participant Donations (gift payments)

When is a guest considered ‘syncable’?

All of the below conditions should be met for a guest to be considered ‘syncable’:

  1. It should have “Registration Successful” as registration status. If you opt to ‘Sync RSVP status for guests with pending payment" then the registration can have any status.

  2. Profile mapping should not be ignored.

What happens when the a gift is posted in RE and then the event registration is modified on Almabase?

When a gift is recorded in RE and the corresponding event registration is modified on Almabase, the following process takes place:

  • The guest status is updated as Needs_resync.

  • As an admin, you are expected to go to the guest dashboard, filter guests with the "Needs_resync" status, and click on "Sync Guests."

  • The "Needs_resync" status is cleared and the guest's status updates to "synced."

  • Now when you go to the payment batch, you will notice that there’s a gift that needs adjustment. Make the necessary gift adjustment on RE.

  • To reconcile any discrepancies in payment information, Go to the gift on Almabase and click on "Get adjusted gift from Raiser’s Edge."

Do we sync payment information for all guests?

The main guest or the host should satisfy these conditions to be eligible for payment sync:

  • Registration status should be Registration Successful.

  • Registrant's RSVP status should be Yes

How are guests who have RSVPed “No” synced to RE?

Guests who have clicked on "Will not be attending" and the guests who have canceled their registration are both considered RSVP "No".

  • If RSVPed "No" by clicking on "Will not be attending", their RSVP status will be synced to RE.

  • Canceled registrations will be flagged under "RECOMMENDED ACTIONS" for resync and it can be synced along with all details such as payment, etc

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