There are three parts involved in setting up BBMS integration with Almabase.

Part 1 - Prerequisites from Blackbaud.

Step 1:  

Create a new Blackbaud user account that works as your Payments API user.

Tip: Use a generic email address that one or more individuals can access at your organization. It helps with authorization with Almabase.

Step 2:  

To get started with BBMS on Almabase, we need you to grant us access as a Payments user in your Blackbaud system and approve the SKY API Console application.

Follow the steps below on how to get it done:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Select Security in the top menu bar.

  3. Ensure you have a Payments role in place:

  • Go to the Roles tab.

  • If a role does not exist in the Payments roles section, click the plus sign to create one.

  • On the Create Payments role screen, enter a role name and description.

  • Under SKY API Tasks, select the Access all endpoints field.

  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

4. Invite a user to the Payments role:

  • Navigate to the Users tab and select Add user.

  • On the Add user screen:

    • In the Name and Email fields, enter Almabase and

    • In the Payments box, select the Payments role from the dropdown list. This automatically selects the box next to Payments.

    • To send an email invitation to the developer's email address, click Send Invite.

5. To approve the SKY API Console and Almabase application, select Applications in the top menu bar.

  • Use the search field on the Available apps tab to search for the SKY API Console application.

  • If the application is not active, click Connect.

  • Do the same for the 'Almabase' application too!

Part 2 - Setting up a new account on Almabase and authorizing Payments API

Step 1:

Once the prerequisite steps are done, Almabase will get a notification on to accept the invite.

Step 2:

After the invite is accepted, you need to create a new account on Almabase and grant it admin access.

Note: Do not use any existing account for the above. Also, use this account solely for BBMS integration only.

Step 3:  

Log in to the newly created account and go to /login/blackbaud

EXAMPLE - If your alumni website URL is "", then you would have to open the following link ""

Step 4:

You'll be redirected to the Blackbaud login page.

Sign in using the account created in Step 1 of Part 1 - Prerequisites from Blackbaud of this process. On the Blackbaud authorization page, select Payments API from the dropdown and click on Authorize.

Part 3 - Almabase enables the BBMS payment account on the platform

Once Part 1 and Part 2 are completed, notify your Success Manager or write to us at that you've authorized the Payments API on Blackbaud. We will then complete the setup and enable BBMS on the platform.

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