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Can I copy a form?

Yes, you can duplicate a form. Follow the same steps to delete the form.

Why isn't my created form showing up under the event settings?

Change the form type to "For an event or a giving campaign on Almabase". Then save changes to make the form appear.

Is the user notified after they have submitted the form?

No, the user is not notified after submitting the form.

Can I edit a form entry?

  1. Yes, you can.

  2. Go to the "submissions" tab

  3. Click "view details" for the form submission you wish to edit.

  4. Click "Edit this entry."

How can I delete a form submission?

It’s similar to editing a form.

  1. Click "View details" for the form submission you wish to delete.

  2. Click "Delete."

How can I stop receiving email notifications for new form submissions?

Remove your email address from the "Notification emails" field.

Why can't I delete a form field/question with an error message?

You can't delete a field/question if completed submissions are associated with it. Mark the field as "mark for internal use only."

Note: This toggle won't appear if the field/question is mandatory.

How do I re-order the questions?

Click on the icon and use Drag and Move to change the order.

Can I edit a question after an entry has been submitted?

Yes. You can edit fields like 'Name', 'Placeholder', and 'Help Text'. But 'Field Type' cannot be edited once an entry is received.

What are the 'Submissions' and 'Export' tabs?

Submissions allow you to view new form entries that are being collected:

  • Note that if the email on the form and record is unique, incoming forms are automatically mapped to a corresponding record on Data Studio.

  • Unmapped forms can be mapped manually.

Export allows you to export all the entries and view them on a spreadsheet.

Can I use forms to create surveys on Almabase?

Yes, you can:

  1. Create a new form of the type "To conduct a survey."

  2. You can also add a 'description' to help users understand the purpose of the survey.

  3. Once the form is set up, you can share it via

    1. Email (by attaching the form URL to the email)

    2. Social media

Why are options on a form field getting split after saving the form?

A comma might have been used. Since commas in the form field options are considered separators, it causes splitting. Remove commas to resolve the issue.

Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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