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If there's more than one email address associated with a record, which email address would receive the communication?

For records with multiple email addresses, the one labeled as "Primary" will be the designated recipient of any communication you dispatch.

How can I designate an email as primary?

When entering an email address into a profile, you'll have the option to mark it as the "Primary" address.

Can I add more options for email addresses besides "Home" and "Work"?

Such additions require backend adjustments. Please share your desired list of types to help@almabase.com, and we can implement them for you.

Will the users also be able to update email addresses on their profiles?

Yes, the users can update/delete email addresses on their profiles.

How can I use non-primary emails for sending communication?

To send communication to an alternative email address in a profile, it must be designated as the "primary" email.

The platform currently supports sending to the primary email only, so if you wish to target a different email, you'll need to adjust its status to primary for that specific profile.

When merging duplicates, will I be able to add email addresses from the duplicate records to the master one?

Yes, you can select email addresses from the master as well as duplicate records.

When unsubscribing a record, does it only update the email status for the primary address or for all the email addresses associated with the record?

The action 'Unsubscribe from all communication' is linked to the record and not just one email address on the record. So the record will be marked as Unsubscribed.

In case you wish to not send any communication to a particular address for a user, then just mark some other address as 'Primary'.

Can more than one email address for a record be uploaded through the email list upload?

No. The email list upload will allow uploading only one email address.

Can I update the email type and primary address for a record through email list uploads?

No. The email list upload only allows three columns — First Name, Last Name, and Email address. Reach out to us at help@almabase.com to bulk update the other details for the records.

How to bulk update the email type and primary address for the records on my platform?

As of now, it needs to be done by our Support team from the backend. Reach out to us at help@almabase.com.

A user has requested to not receive any emails from us to a particular address of his. How should I make sure of that?

There are multiple ways to do it.

  1. Have the user click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

  2. If the user requests not to receive emails to a particular address, have the user for a new address and mark it as 'Primary'.

  3. If the user requests not to be contacted at all, uncheck the 'Communication Preference' box.

  4. Alternatively, unsubscribe the user from the data studio.

Why does the Sender Email Address not change even when the name is updated on the profile?

When a user updates their name on the platform, the underlying profile link or "slug" remains unchanged. For instance, if John Calvin Doe updates his name to John Doe, the profile URL will still be yourschool.org/profile/view/john-calvin-doe. Consequently, when John sends out emails, they will originate from john-calvin-doe@mail.yourschool.org, mirroring the original profile slug, rather than his updated name.

This design choice ensures the consistency and stability of user profile links. Even after a name change, anyone who previously accessed or received John's profile link can still use it without encountering errors. By maintaining the original slug, the platform guarantees uninterrupted access to the user's profile, regardless of any name modifications.

Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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