FAQs on Email Addresses

Here are some frequently encountered inquiries related to email addresses.

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If there is more than one email address associated with a record then which email address will receive the communications I send?

The email address that is marked as Primary will receive the communication sent.

How can I set an email address as primary?

While adding an email address to a record you will see the option to mark it as Primary.

Which email address should be marked as primary?

Our suggestion would be to mark the email as Primary where the last email sent to the user was successfully delivered and the user engaged with it (opened or clicked on it).
In short, you can mark the latest contactable email address as Primary.

I want to add a few more options other than Home and Work for the email address type. How can I do that?

This needs to be configured from the backend. Share the list of types you would want, and we will set it up for you.

Will the users also be able to update email addresses on their profiles?

Yes, the users can update/delete email addresses on their profiles.

How can I use non-primary emails for sending communication?

The only way to use a non-primary email address to send communication is by marking it primary.

As of now, only the primary address will receive the communication sent from the platform, and only one email address in a profile can be marked as primary.

When merging duplicates, will I be able to add email addresses from the duplicate records to the master one?

Yes, you can select email addresses from the master as well as duplicate records.

When I unsubscribe a record from receiving any communication from the platform, does it only update the email status for the primary address or for all the email addresses associated with the record?

The action Unsubscribe from all communication is linked to the record and not just one email address on the record. So the record will be marked as Unsubscribed.

In case you wish to not send any communication to a particular address for a user, then just mark some other address as Primary.

Can I upload more than one email address for a record through the email list upload?

No. The email list upload will allow uploading only one email address.

Can I update the email type and primary address for a record through email list uploads?

No. The email list upload only allows three columns — First Name, Last Name, and Email address. You have to reach out to us in case you want to bulk update the other details for the records.

How can I bulk update the email type and primary address for the records on my platform?

As of now, it needs to be done by our Support team from the backend. Reach out to us in case you want to upload multiple addresses or update the email type and primary address for the records on Almabase.

A user has requested to not receive any emails from us to a particular address of his. How should I make sure of that?

There are multiple ways to do it.

  1. You can ask the user to click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email they received from the platform.

  2. Let's say the user has requested to not receive emails to just one particular address then ask the user for the new address and mark this new email as Primary.

  3. If the user doesn't want to be contacted at all through any address, then update the Communication Preference on their profile - Uncheck the box

Alternatively, you can also unsubscribe the user from the data studio.

Why Does the Sender Email Address not change even when the name is updated on the profile?

If a user, let's say John Calvin Doe, updates their name on the profile to John Doe, the profile link or slug will still remain as yourschool.org/profile/view/john-calvin-doe. We do not change the slug of the profile once the user has registered on the platform.

As a result, when John sends emails, you will notice that the email will be sent from john-calvin-doe@mail.yourschool.org, reflecting the original slug associated with the profile.

The reason for not changing the slug is to ensure that the profile link remains accessible to anyone who may have received or accessed the user's profile before the name change was made. This way, existing links to the profile will continue to work correctly, providing uninterrupted access to the user's information.

Reach out to us at help@almabase.com in case of any queries.

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