The Influencers tab under the campaign settings is a one-stop place for you to manage the influencers' data effortlessly.

Influencer manager provides:

  1. All the information you need to know about the influencer.

  2. Various actions you can take based on the information you got. (eg: Search a specific influencer, Email influencers who can be potential donors, view influencer details, map an influencer's engagement back to their record on Almabase database, etc.)

Influencer Information

You can see the list of influencers on the campaign:

Once the unique share link is shared by the donors, you as an admin can view the details like a unique shareable link of the influencer and the influencers' personal tracking page and many more under the influencers tab.

The bottom bar helps you access different filter options based on the record mapping status:


Using these filters, and other information on the influencer's you can decide what further actions to take, like sending an email, view influencer details, etc.

Here's how you can do it:

1. Search and Email influencers

You can search the influencers lists based on name and also, send emails to them like if you want to send a thank you email to the influencers and donors or just the influencers and as admins, you can encourage the influencers who are not donors to make a donation to the campaign.

As soon as you click on Email influencers or Email influencers, who are yet to donate button you will be taken to the communication center.

2. View Influencer Detail

On a Laptop/ Desktop

Click on View Details button, which appears when you hover on an influencer in the list.

In the sidebar that appears you can view influencer details: like a unique shareable link of the donor and the donor's personal tracking page, etc.

3. Mapping the donor to a profile on your database

Click on Unmapped button below the influencer name

On the pop up that appears to search for the profile, you want to map the influencer to and click on it.

P.S: Make sure you communicate that individuals don't share the link they receive from others or what they see in the address bar of their browser, they need to generate their own link as per the steps listed above on the help doc P2P Giving Influencers: How the influencer concept works?

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