Influencers Data Management

All you need to know about managing the influencers data - Emailing them, mapping them back or checking their impact on the campaign

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The Influencer Manager section equips you with:

  • Comprehensive details about each influencer.

  • Actionable insights such as identifying potential donors and sending them an email, viewing influencer specifics, mapping their engagement back to their record on the Almabase database, etc.

Influencer Information

The Influencers tab under the campaign admin side allows you to manage the influencers' data effortlessly.

  • View the list of influencers on the campaign.

  • Access the influencer's unique shareable link and their personal tracking page.

  • Filter influencers based on record mapping status.

Taking Action

Using these filters and other information on the influencer, you can take the following actions:

  • Search and Email Influencers.

    • Search influencers by name.

    • Email influencers directly. Whether it's to convey gratitude or to inspire non-donating influencers to contribute, utilize the "Email influencers" or "Email Yet To Donate" buttons. Clicking redirects you to the communication center.

  • View Influencer Detail

    • Click on the View Details button, which appears when you hover on an influencer in the list.

    • A sidebar will display, revealing specifics like their unique shareable link and the personal gift tracking page for the influencer.

  • Mapping Donors to Your Database

    • Click the "Unmapped" button beneath the influencer's name.

    • In the pop-up, search and select the profile you'd like to associate with the influencer.

Please ensure individuals don't share the link they receive from others or what they see in the address bar of their browser. They need to generate their own link as per the steps listed on the help doc - Where can I find my Secret Influencer URL?

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