Understanding Data Roadblocks

Learn how to tackle unmapped data, update new emails, and clear hindrances that impede your data's smooth transition to other systems.

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The Data Roadblocks page serves as a hub for managing how new data from various programs integrates with Almabase records and engagement reports.

Access it via Reports ➡ Unmapped new data. This area allows for the cleanup of obstacles ensuring seamless data transfer to external databases, either during export or when running workflows.

Key Sections in the Report Tab

  1. Unmapped Touchpoints

    • Displays the count of unmapped touchpoints across all programs.

    • Navigate to different tabs to map or ignore data like guests, gifts, or form submissions.

    • Mapping touchpoints is crucial for data accuracy and can be learned more here.

  2. New Emails from Engagements

    • Indicates the quantity of new emails collected from program engagement.

    • This figure updates as more touchpoints get mapped to records.

    • Mapping should be prioritized to effectively integrate these new emails into the mapped record.

    • Learn more here.

  3. Mapped Records without System Record ID

    • Highlights mapped records lacking a system record ID.

    • System record IDs are essential for aligning Almabase records with those in external databases.

    • This is a necessary step for exporting data or running workflows.

    • Learn more about missing IDs from the consolidated view here.

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