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Zoom Webinar Integration: How to Connect Zoom Account to Almabase?
Zoom Webinar Integration: How to Connect Zoom Account to Almabase?

connect the Zoom account to create webinars and run registrations through Almabase

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Step 1 - Sign In on Zoom Marketplace

  • Go to & Sign in with the Zoom account on which you want to host the Webinar
    Note - This needs to be done only by one user if you are using your university’s Email id on Zoom.

Step 2 - Create an App

  • On the top right corner, you will find the keyword “Develop”. Click on Develop → and select "Build app'" from the list of options.

  • On the OAuth card, click on 'Create.'

  • Give it a name like “My University/School Name & Almabase Zoom Connector” (The character limit on name is just 50 Chars)

  • Select the 'User-managed app' under 'Choose app type' Please ensure that the publish toggle is unchecked.

  • Under the OAuth allow list section, add your website link. Ensure that you enter the complete URL, including the https://. In fact, if you copy the URL from Chrome browser, it will automatically append https://, so you don’t have to append it.

  • Now go to Scopes and click on Add Scopes.

  • Select Webinar and choose View and manage your webinars. Next, select User and choose View your user information, and hit on Done. Now that the scopes have been added, click on Continue.

Step 3 - Share the details with Almabase Team

  • Go to the App Credentials on the right tab and share the client id and client secret with Almabase on
    Note: Please copy these two values and share them with us as a text.

Step 4 - Create a Zoom webinar on Almabase

  • You will be notified once the integration setup is complete.

  • Once the integration is set, all you have to do is connect your zoom account to the Almabase event.

How to change something in the app after creation?

  • Login with the same account used to create the app. And click on 'Manage.'

  • Select the app and change the info on them (if any)

NOTE: Only users under the account used to create the app will be able to connect their zoom account for the webinars.
Here's an article on how to link zoom accounts to the main organization account.

If you have any suggestions or queries, please feel free to reach out to us at

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