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Setting Up a CyberSource Payment Account
Setting Up a CyberSource Payment Account

Learn how to link your CyberSource Payment account with Almabase for processing payments.

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Linking your CyberSource Payment account with Almabase is essential for processing payments. You'll need three unique IDs:

  1. Merchant ID

  2. Merchant Secret Key

  3. Merchant Key ID.

Note: Contact CyberSource support to enable the currencies (AED, USD, GBP) for payment processing on Almabase.

Obtain Merchant ID and Secret Key

Step 1: Log in to CyberSource Merchant Dashboard

Step 2: Access Key Management

  1. Go to 'Payment Configuration'.

  2. Click on 'Key Management'.

Step 3: Generate Key

Click on 'Generate Key' in the top right corner.

Step 4: Select Key Type

  1. Choose 'REST - Shared Secret'.

  2. Hit 'Generate Key'.

Step 5: Copy Key Information

Copy the Key & Shared Secret Key for later use.

Setup CyberSource on Almabase

Step 1: Access Payment Gateway

  1. Search for 'Payment gateway' using the search bar (Admin View).

  2. Click on '+ Add Almapay Payment Account'.

Step 2: Enter Payment Gateway Details

Fill in the necessary details for setting up the payment gateway.

Step 3: Enter Merchant IDs and Keys

  1. Input the Merchant ID, Merchant Shared Secret Key, and Merchant Key ID in the 'Metadata' box in the following format:

  2. Ensure the 'is active' box is checked.

  3. Hit 'Save'

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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