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What are the Different Form Field Types Available?
What are the Different Form Field Types Available?

Information on different question/field types on forms & how you could use them.

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Name (Identification Field Type):

This is a single line field type used for the identification of the submitter. If the submitter is logged in, the names will be auto-filled by the system.

Email (Identification Field Type):

This is a single line field type used for the identification of the submitter. If the submitter is logged in, the email of the user will be auto-filled by the system.

Single-Line Text:

As the name suggests, this is a single-line field on forms where it can be used to collect any short text information like names, email Ids, or phone numbers.

Paragraph Text:

This is a multi-line field type used to enter long answers such as short bio, experience summary, etc., anything that requires an explanation.


You can use this field type to allow users to select one or more items from the list, such as select any two courses you are interested to learn? Or What are the areas you would like to mentor for?

Radio buttons & Drop-down:

You can use these field types that allow the users to select one item from the list of options. Such as an Area of specialization? or One course they are interested in?

Dropdown (Range):

This field type is specifically for numbers only, where the numbers between a selected range are filled automatically in the drop-down options.

For example: If the admin wants to add the field "Class Year," which starts from 1930 to the present. Instead of typing every number between 1930 to 2021, the admin should add the range start & end number and hit save. Once done, all the numbers between 1930 & 2021 will appear on the dropdown menu.


With this field type, a calendar pops up on the screen while submitting the form, any information related to dates can be collected using this field. Such as when does users' membership end? Or their birth or anniversary date etc.


To know where your alumni are currently residing, this field type can be used. Here the admin will have to select what kind of location is shown in the dropdown options (cities only, any area, or any buildings) then depending on what type of location is selected by the admin and what is typed in by the user, a list of drop-down options will be shown.

Rich Text:

This is a new field type that we recently rolled out. With this field type, the user can play around with the text while submitting the forms. They have various options such as bold, italicize, add a horizontal line, hyperlink a word, and much more.

Single File Upload:

A user can submit any file up to 20MB & videos up to 200MB with this field type. This can be used to collect resumes/CVs, a class video project, or just share their most recent pictures.

Multiple File Upload:

As the name suggests, the users will be able to submit multiple files at once; please follow this article for more detailed information on this field type.


This is a single link text field specifically used to collect Links/URLs from the submitters.

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