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How to Add Conditional Questions on Forms?
How to Add Conditional Questions on Forms?

Learn to add conditional questions to your forms, allowing certain sections or questions to appear based on the user's responses.

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Conditional fields in forms are extra questions that appear only when a specific response is given to a preceding question.

These are particularly useful in surveys, quizzes, competitions, or application forms to enhance relevance for the user.


Ensure you have one of these field types: Dropdown, Dropdown (Range), and Radio Button.

Step 1: Activate Conditional Field

  1. Turn ON the toggle "Mark this field conditional."

Step 2: Select the Trigger Question

  1. Choose the form question upon whose response the conditional field will appear.

  2. For example, if the dropdown field is "What membership type are you applying for?", select this as the trigger question.

Note: Only the following fields: Dropdown, Dropdown (Range), and Radio Button, can be used for this purpose.

Step 3: Set the Conditional Response

Select the specific answer(s) to the chosen question that will trigger the appearance of the conditional field.

  • For instance, if the answer "Associate" is selected for the membership type,

  • Then conditional questions like "Upload their school identification card" will appear only when "Associate" is chosen.

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