For each email address that you add to a record, it is important to understand the validity and preferences for each of them.

At Almabase each email address has the following properties associated with it to support that —

Is Verified:

If yes, then it means the user has verified that they have access to this email address.
The verification is done either by clicking on a verification link or entering an OTP sent to this email address.

Is Engaged:

If yes, then it means that at least one email sent to this email is either opened or clicked once.

Is Primary:

If yes, then this email address will be used for any communication sent through the platform.


This is to specify what kind of email address it is — Personal or Work.
Note: The two types — Personal and Work are pre-configured. Reach out to us to customize it for your site.

Email Status

This tells the validity and the communication preference for an email address.

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