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Understanding Mapping

Learn how event registrations, donations, and form submissions are linked to individual records on Almabase.

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Mapping is the process of linking activities, such as event registrations, form submissions, or donations, to a person in your database.

Automated Mapping:

If the email used in an activity matches an email in a person’s record, the activity is automatically linked to that record.

Manual Mapping for Unmatched Emails:

When emails don't match, activities remain unmapped.

  • You'll need to manually select the correct record for these activities.

  • This situation often indicates a new email for an existing record or re-engagement from a lost contact.

  • Use the "Unmapped" button for manual mapping.

Recommendations for Manual Mapping:

Almabase provides algorithm-based recommendations to assist in identifying the correct record.

  • This feature is particularly helpful when dealing with common names or alternate names (like maiden names or nicknames).

  • If the recommendations don’t seem accurate, you can search by name or email.

Creating a New Record:

  • If a record doesn’t exist for a person, create one using the plus icon near the search bar.

  • For event registrations and donations, there's also an option to map directly to a constituent on Raiser's Edge.

Unmapping an Activity:

To unmap, hover over the activity and click "Unmap".

Using the ‘Ignore’ Toggle:

Not all activities need to be mapped.

  • For example, if a non-constituent accompanies someone to an event, you might not want a record for them.

  • The 'Ignore' toggle removes such activities from the 'Unmapped' tray, helping you achieve 'Unmapped Zero' - a state where all relevant activities are linked.

Post-Mapping Effects:

Once mapped, the activity appears on the person’s Engagement Snapshot.

  • You can also use filters in Data Studio to segment records based on recorded activities.

  • Mapping creates a soft link between the activity and the record, without moving any data.

Examine a profile first before mapping

  1. Click on 'Unmapped'. This will open up the 'Attribute Activity' dialog box.

  2. Click on the arrow next to the recommended or searched account.

  3. Scroll and click on 'View full profile' to open the profile you want to examine.

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