Data Roadblocks

Get to unmapped zero, update new emails, and clear roadblocks that stop your data from moving smoothly to other systems.

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The Data Roadblocks page is a hub from where you can manage how new data captured from different programs connect to your Almabase records and to your engagement report.

Access the option from ReportsUnmapped new data. From here, you can clean up any roadblocks to ensure data moves smoothly into your external database when you export or run workflows.

The Report tab here has three key sections:

  1. The first section indicates the number of unmapped touchpoints aggregated across all your different programs. You can head to the respective tabs on the top of this page to map or ignore guests, gifts, or form submissions.
    Learn more about mapping touchpoints from the consolidated view.

  2. The second section shows you the number of new emails that you have found from people engaging with your programs. This number will update as you map more touchpoints to records. So we recommend you map first.

  3. The third section shows you the number of mapped records that don't have a system record ID on the record. This is what we use to match up a record on Almabase with the corresponding record on your external database. This will be required when you export or run a workflow to push data.
    Learn more about adding missing IDs from the consolidated view.

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