Data Roadblocks is a consolidated view of all the unmapped touchpoints across different programs set up on the Almabase platform like — Event registration, Donations, and Form submissions.

Mapping is crucial for data enrichment and engagement reporting.

Through this dashboard now you can view all such unmapped activities making it easier for you to focus on mapping them all in one place instead of going to each program's unmapped view individually.

Here's How?

Under the Reports tab, the top section shows the total number of unmapped touchpoints across all the modules.
Click on a specific module to navigate to the unmapped touchpoints for that module.

The mapping of a touchpoint from here is then the same.

Click on the Unmapped button » Select/Add a record or Ignore the touchpoint.

Ignoring the past touchpoints

You might see a huge number of unmapped touchpoints since the dashboard pulls up all the activities on the platform that has happened to date.

There might be many which are not valuable for you to map now since they are pretty old data.

You can select all those and ignore them at once.

Choose a time period to filter out the past touchpoints you want to ignore and click on Ignore All.

Go to the Ignore tab at the bottom, if you wish to reconsider mapping the ignored ones.

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