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why is an activity unmapped, what happens when new email is added to the record, email status and preference for a new found email

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The email address on the activity matches with a profile on the database. Then why is the activity unmapped?

The activity remains unmapped in cases where there is a conflict in email address match (more than one record having the same address).

What does the green email symbol mean?

It signifies, that the email captured through the activity is a new email. It is an email that currently doesn't exist on the database.

I am not sure if I want to add the new email from the activity to the record. What can I do?

If you are sure that the email belongs to the person to whose record the activity is mapped, our recommendation would be to add the email and notify the user to confirm if it belongs to them and set their preferences.

The user can take the call on whether they'd like to get further communication to the new address, or even want you to record it.

If you want to just map the activity to the right person, but don't want to change add any data to the record, you can choose to just complete the mapping, and process the email later.

If you're very unsure whether you've even mapped to the right person, we'd suggest reaching out to the person directly via message before adding a new email to their record.

Is there a way for me to add all these newfound emails to the records at once?

No. The email can be only added to the record one at a time. There are preferences and details associated with each new email you add, and those decisions cannot be made in bulk.

Once I add the new email from the activity, will the user be able to log in using that address?

Yes. Only when "Notify the user..." toggle is OFF, once you click on Add Email, the email gets added to the mapped record, and login will be enabled for that email.

When "Notify the user..." toggle is ON, only once the user confirms the email address, will the login access be given to it.

Will the user be notified when this new email is added to their profile?

Yes, if you choose to notify the user. If not, they will not be notified.
We recommend notifying -- for security reasons and also to give the user the choice to define their privacy and communication preferences.

When I select “Notify the user...” what email is sent to the user? Where can I see it?

The email sent to the user is different if it is the first email to be added to the user's profile or if it is just a new email.

Here's a sample 👇

If it is a new email, then another email goes to the new address being added (the above email goes to the existing addresses on the record) -

These system-generated emails are not visible to the admins. Reach out to us if you want to make edits.

I added the email from the activity to the record and marked it primary. What would be the email status for this email, and will the communication preference be updated?

The email status will be set as Unknown since it is a new email linked to the record. This means that we can send emails to this record and that the status will be computed the next time we send them an email.

The communication preference will not change. It will be the same as it on the record.

Once the user confirms the address, and what would be the email status for the email?

The email status will be set as Unknown once the user confirms. Until then the status is Allowed for transaction.

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