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Find answers to common questions about activity mapping, email statuses, and communication preferences.

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Why is an activity unmapped even when the email address matches a profile in the database?

An activity remains unmapped if there's a conflict, like more than one record having the same email address.

What does the green email symbol indicate in the context of an activity?

The green email symbol indicates that the email captured from the activity is new and doesn't currently exist in the database.

What should I do if I'm unsure about adding a new email from an activity to a record?

  • If you're confident the email belongs to the person linked with the activity, add the email and inform the user for confirmation and preference setting.

  • You can complete the mapping without adding data if you're just aligning the activity.

  • If uncertain about the mapping, contact the person directly before adding a new email.

Is it possible to add all newfound emails to their respective records in bulk?

No, each new email must be added individually due to associated preferences and details that need individual attention.

Can a user log in with a new email address once it's added to an activity?

  • Yes, the user can log in with the new email once added.

  • If the “Notify the user...” toggle is off, login is enabled immediately after adding.

  • If the toggle is on, login access is granted after the user confirms the email.

Are users notified when a new email is added to their profile?

  • Users are notified if you select the option to do so.

  • Notifying is recommended for security and to allow users to set their privacy and communication preferences.

What email notification is sent to users when the “Notify the user...” option is selected? Where can I view this email?

  • The content of the email varies depending on whether it's a first email or an additional one.

  • The email for a new address goes to the new email, while other emails are sent to existing addresses.

  • These system-generated emails are not visible to admins but can be edited upon request.

What happens to the email status and communication preferences when a new email is added and marked as primary?

  • The email status is set as 'Unknown' for a new email.

  • Communication preferences remain unchanged from the existing record settings.

  • After the user confirms the address, the email status is updated.

What happens to a user's status when they confirm the address?

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