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Why Are Records No Longer in the "Pending Email ID Verification" Stage?
Why Are Records No Longer in the "Pending Email ID Verification" Stage?

See how passwordless login ensures no invalid email addresses are added to the profile when users sign up

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In the previous registration method, as soon as the user entered an email to sign up a record used to get created. The user would also receive an email to verify the email address.

At this point, the registration status for the user would be "Pending Email Id Verification" stage.

In the new passwordless signup/login method, unless the user verifies the email (by entering the single-use code) no record is created for them on the platform. Also, they are not allowed to proceed with the registration.

This would mean that no user can now signup to the platform:

  • without verifying the email address

  • with an invalid email address

So, there would be no user in the "Pending Email ID Verification" stage.

This is the new registration flow πŸ‘‡

NOTE: For the people who sign up via SSO options (Facebook, Linked In, or Google), their email address is auto-verified, and they are directly moved to the Pending Approval registration stage.

Why did we change the signup/login mechanism?

  • This ensures no one registers/creates an account with an invalid email address.

  • No user in "Pending Email verification' would mean less work for the admins to follow up with users to verify their email addresses.

  • There is no requirement for anyone to remember their login passwords.

  • Few blogs on why passwordless is the way to go β€”

Please write to us at or through the chat bubble πŸ’¬ if you have any questions. πŸ˜„

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