Over the years working with Alumni relations, and Advancement offices we have learned how important is

  • Creating alumni Programs that are relevant and accessible, and

  • Measuring the impact of these alumni-centric programs

The tools at Almabase like Events, Giving campaigns, Directories (content listing), etc. helps you to create such programs.

The next step from here is to focus on measuring the goals you set to achieve with these programs.

People at Alumni Relations, Advancement Offices, and Database Managers all have different goals that are important to them —

  • Tangibly measuring engagement to justifying that your programs are effective.

  • Ability to track offline engagement like an alum talking to a professor or taking a campus tour

  • Getting a holistic view to make decisions on what programs to keep and what to discontinue for the next year

  • Finding patterns between engagement and donations

  • Spend less time pulling reports manually from the DB or doing exports and imports from so many different systems.

and so on...

Engagement tools at Almabase are set just right to address these pain points.

The Engagement tools at Almabase - Engagement Reports and Engagement Studio

It brings together all the user activities happening across different programs (in or out of Almabase) into one place.

A step further to see how the people engage with you, the studio provides tools to create segments based on what anyone did (or did not do) across any of your programs, at any point in time.

Unified Engagement Reporting

  • Track all engagement - from email clicks to campus visits.

  • No more manual data entry from one system to another.

  • Centralize data and decentralize data collection.

  • Built-in with all Almabase products.

Granular segmentation. Hyper personalisation.

  • Good segmentation focuses on the context of how people engage with you rather than just who they are.

  • Create segments based on activities people do that matter to you.

  • Using the right data, create relevant and personalized programs for your audience.

  • Send targeted and personalized messages too.

💡 Head over to your site, to see a short walk-through of the Engagement Studio we have put together for you.

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