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Reporting on Engagement

The engagement report brings touchpoints from across your community to a single place. Where do you go from there?

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As you run multiple programs in line with your engagement strategy, we want to make it easier for you to evaluate how well your community is engaging with your organization and aligning with your mission.

We hope this data helps you evaluate the right programs for different segments and identify more supporters to rally behind your cause.

CASE (Council for Advancement & Support of Education) defines alumni engagement in a whitepaper from 2018:

    • Activities that are valued by alumni build enduring and mutually beneficial relationships, inspire loyalty and financial support, strengthen the institution’s reputation, and involve alumni in meaningful activities to advance the institution’s mission.

Summarising that definition:

  1. It is an activity

  2. It has to be valuable to alumni

  3. It has to help your organization advance as well.

Collecting Activity & Touchpoints

The engagement report is a feed of all the activity that has happened as a result of your programming. It brings you to one place: everything that has happened across the Almabase ecosystem, from an email click to event registration.

To be able to distinguish one activity from the other, each activity is tied together with some additional information:
1. The members from your community that performed the activity
2. The program where the activity was done.

This cluster of data is referred to as Touchpoints on Almabase. This is what it looks like:

The touchpoint is designed to give you quick information about what happened:

Categorizing a touchpoint

While the engagement report can bring all the touchpoints across your organization into a single feed, it makes no assumptions about what is valuable to your alumni and to your organization.

As a community manager, you can label the touchpoints that matter to your organization by categorizing them.

How do I know what categories to add?

CASE recommends that engagement is categorized into 4 buckets:
1. Experiential
2. Voluntary
3. Philanthropic
4. Communication

You can visit the CASE whitepaper for more details on how these categories are defined.

While these defaults are available on your engagement report, you don't have to limit yourself to using these categories. You can label engagement touchpoints in any manner that makes sense for your organization, like Webinars, continuous education, Campus Activities, and more. Remember to create categories that help you identify what meaningful engagement is for your mission.

Engagement Studio

Filters on Data Studio are a great way to slice and dice your community based on who or where they are. Now, you can also create segments based on what they did (or did not do) across any of your programs at any point in time.

Use it to find a list of dormant volunteers from San Francisco to organize a happy-hours event, identify supporters that are slipping away, or report on how many alumni are engaged with your organization in exactly 3 ways.

Understand how to create reports on Engagement Studio.

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