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Adding or Taking Content Submissions for the Directory
Adding or Taking Content Submissions for the Directory

Overview on how the users and admins can list businesses, stories, class notes, etc. on the directory.

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As we know, Directories are Form - driven; your Alumni members can list their content by submitting a form that is the source for that directory.

In this article, let's understand how the admins can add content to the directory and how they enable their users/alumni members to publish their businesses, stories, class notes, etc.,πŸ˜„

How can the admins add content to the directory?

On the Directory setting page, the admins have an option to add a new entry.

Clicking on "Add a new entry" will redirect to the source form, where the admins can submit a new entry to the directory.

How to enable users to add content?

Step 1: Go to the Other Settings section on the Directories setting page.

Step 2: Select the dropdown option as "Yes" and hit on Save Changes.

What happens next?

Once you make the above changes, a "plus" button appears next to the search bar on the Directories page. The users can submit their content for the directory by clicking on this button. It will redirect them to the source form for that directory.

Reach out to us at or through the chat bubble πŸ’¬ if you have any questions. πŸ˜„

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