Setting Up a Directory

Learn more about creating and organizing various content types like stories, job lists, and alumni resources using Directories.

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Directories are a powerful tool for organizing and making a wealth of information easily accessible to users.

They enable the publication of diverse content, encourage user contributions, and facilitate sharing and feedback collection.

Step 1: Access Directories Setup Page

  1. In the admin panel, go to "Tools" and then "Directories".

  2. Click on the plus icon to add a new directory.

Step 2: Choose a Template

  1. Select one of the pre-set templates based on common use cases like Stories, Newsletter, Business Directory, etc. See more here.

  2. Alternatively, create a directory from scratch.

Creating a Directory from Pre-set Templates

  1. If you choose a pre-set template, the necessary setup for publishing a Directory will be completed for you.

  2. A form with all relevant fields and settings will be linked.

  3. Display settings and filters and sort options for the Directory will be set up.

Note: The setup is flexible, and you can make changes as needed. It's recommended to modify the form before adding any entries, as certain form settings are disabled once entries are added.

Creating a Custom Directory

Choose this option to set up a Directory from the ground up:

  1. Create a form to collect the information to be listed.

  2. Set up a Directory to display the information in an organized way.

Recommendation: Use this option only if the pre-set directories don't meet your needs.

What's Next?

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