Understanding Verifications

Learn how verifications can help manage security and access for the programs you build on Almabase.

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Verifications on Almabase is an integral security and access management system tailored for community engagement programs.

It offers state-of-the-art privacy controls while facilitating an effortless identity verification process for members.

  • Verification Badges: These act as digital gatekeepers, regulating access to various programs based on member roles such as 'Alumni', 'Student', 'Board Member', or 'Class Captain'.

  • Exclusivity & Privacy: The system ensures that private programs remain accessible only to verified members, upholding the integrity and exclusivity of the community.

Why the traditional digital security systems are not enough?

  • Inadequate Engagement: Traditional sign-up walls often deter engagement due to forgotten passwords or complicated login processes.

  • Duplicate Accounts: These can lead to duplicate accounts, cluttering your records.

  • Lack of Unified Systems: While some institutions have single-sign-on systems, they are costly and not universally accessible.​

Why is Almabase's Verification better?

Almabase sits at the intersection of member engagement, database records, and program accessibility.

This unique position enables it to offer seamless cross-referencing for member validation.

Using Verification to Improve Engagement

  • Smooth Experience: By integrating directly with your database, Verifications allows for a smoother member experience without the hassle of traditional logins.

  • Engagement Boost: Without the need for sign-ups, engagement is enhanced, allowing for better tracking and alignment with organizational goals.

  • Frictionless Access: Members enjoy effortless participation in exclusive programs.

  • Contextual Data Capture: The system captures relevant data and updates constituent records, ensuring data accuracy.

How can a member get a verification badge?

  1. Pre-assigned Badges: Members may already possess badges if their records meet the predefined criteria.

  2. Application for Verification: Members can apply for badges through a verification form if they believe they are eligible. Administrators then review and assign badges as appropriate.

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