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Creating a Verification Form
Creating a Verification Form

Setting up a verification form helps you collect information to approve or reject verification requests.

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What are verification forms?

Setting up a verification form helps you collect information from your members in exchange for privileged access to your programs.

Let's say we're creating a "Webinar Archive" that holds recorded webinar sessions from the past. Since the contents of the archives are incredibly valuable or private, we can choose to restrict access to this directory to alumni by requiring the "Alumni" Verification badge.

The Webinar Archive will be accessible instantly to all users on your database that have the "Alumni" Verification badge.

Occasionally, somebody may attempt to access the Webinar Archive with an email that isn't listed as one that belongs to an alumni on your database. For security reasons, the users cannot be granted access before you have a chance to confirm that they are, in fact, alumni.

You can utilize the verification to collect updated information like their phone number, current city, and consent for sending them emails later.

    • A verification form is a customizable form that helps you ask the questions you need to verify whether this person is an alumnus. E.g., The year they graduated and their majors.

    Here is what the verification process will look like to the user:

How are verification forms created?

To create a verification form, head over to the forms module and select "For Verifications" when creating the form.

Give the verification form a name that helps you identify the verification badge it will be used for. E.g., A form called "Alumni Verification Form" for the "Alumni" verification badge.

You can add all the questions you would like the candidate to answer while applying for verification. Full Name and email will be required by default, so you won't need to add them when creating verification forms.

What happens after a user submits a verification form?

When a new user completes a verification form - they will be informed that their application is being processed.

Site administrators are immediately notified via email as well.

To learn how to process verification requests as an administrator, click here

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