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Creating a Verification Form

Learn more about how to set up a form to gather information for verifying requests.

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What are Verification Forms?

  • Verification forms are essential for collecting data from members in exchange for access to special programs.

  • Example use case: A "Webinar Archive" storing valuable webinar sessions, where access is restricted to alumni through an "Alumni" Verification badge.

  • These forms are crucial when an unrecognized alumni email attempts to access the archive, ensuring security by verifying alumni status.

  • They are customizable, allowing you to collect necessary information like phone numbers, current cities, and email consent, and to ask specific verification questions such as graduation year and majors.

Creating a Verification Form

  • To create a verification form

    1. Navigate to the forms module

    2. Choose the "For Verifications" option when starting a new form.

  • It's important to name the form in a way that identifies its purpose, like "Alumni Verification Form" for verifying alumni status.

  • The form should include all the relevant questions you need for verification. Note that full name and email are automatically included and don't need to be added.

What Happens After a User Submits a Verification Form?

  • After submission, users are notified that their application is under processing.

  • Simultaneously, site administrators receive an email notification about the new verification form submission.​

For details on how to process verification requests as an administrator, click here.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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