When users make a gift or register for an event, providing a smooth and seamless payment experience is key. With the new PayPal Checkout Integration, you can allow your users to pay using Venmo mobile payment service.

To integrate PayPal Checkout with Almabase, you will require

  • Client ID

  • Secret ID

How to obtain the Client ID and Secret?

Step 1 - Login to PayPal Developer Dashboard

Step 2 - Select "Live" and then click on "Create App"

Step 3 - Name the app as per your preference.

Proceed to the next step by clicking on Create App.

Step 4 - Copy the Client ID and Secret to your clipboard

Click on show to reveal the Secret ID.

Setup PayPal Checkout on Almabase

Step 1 - Search for "Payments" on the admin panel and click on + Add Almapay Payment Account.

Step 2 - Enter the necessary details.

Step 3 - Enter the Client ID and Secret in the "Metadata" box in the format shown below 👇





📝 Make sure you've checked the 'is active' box!

After completing the above steps, hit "Save" to link the PayPal Checkout account with the platform. 👍

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If you have any questions or require assistance with the setup, please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the chat bubble 💬 We'll be happy to assist you. 😄

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