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Setting Up a PayPal Checkout Account
Setting Up a PayPal Checkout Account

Learn how to enable a PayPal Checkout account on your platform for a smooth payment experience.

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When users make a gift or register for an event, a smooth payment process is crucial. The new PayPal Checkout Integration lets users pay using Venmo, enhancing their experience.

To integrate PayPal Checkout with Almabase, you need

  • Client ID

  • Secret ID

Obtain PayPal Client ID and Secret

Step 1 Log in to PayPal Developer Dashboard

Step 2: Create an App in the PayPal Dashboard

  1. Select "Live" mode.

  2. Click on "Create App".

Step 3: Name Your PayPal App

  1. Choose a name for your app.

  2. Proceed by clicking "Create App".

Step 4: Copy Client ID and Secret

  1. Reveal the Secret ID by clicking on "show".

  2. Copy the Client ID and Secret to your clipboard.

Setup PayPal Checkout on Almabase

Step 1: Add Payment Gateway

  1. Search for "Payment gateway" in the Admin Navigation.

  2. Click on "+ Add Almapay Payment Account".

Step 2: Enter Payment Gateway Details

Fill in the necessary details for the payment gateway.

Step 3: Enter Client ID and Secret

  1. Input the Client ID and Secret in the "Metadata" box in the provided format.

  2. Ensure the 'is active' box is checked.





Step 4: Save PayPal Checkout Settings

Click "Save" to finalize the integration of the PayPal Checkout account with the platform.

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