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Setting Up a Payment Account
Setting Up a Payment Account

Learn how to configure BluePay, Acceptiva, PayU, PayUBiz, CCAvenue, and EazeBuzz accounts on Almabase for accepting payments.

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Having a payment account set up is a must to facilitate online ticket payments for any events, donations, giving campaigns, and so on (see a list of supported payment gateway providers here). 


Each of the supported gateways requires specific unique keys. Find the supporting articles here:

Step 1: Access Payment Gateway Settings

  1. On the Almabase admin panel, navigate to 'Settings'.

  2. Go to 'Payment Gateway'.

Step 2: Add Almapay Payment Account

  1. Select '+ Add Almapay Payment Account'.

Step 3: Choose Payment Gateway Type

  1. Pick the type of payment gateway you wish to set up (e.g., BluePay, Acceptiva, PayU, etc.).

  2. Give your payment account a preferred name.

Step 4: Input Metadata Keys

  1. Enter the required keys in the metadata field.

  2. The metadata format varies for each payment gateway. Ensure you use the correct format. For example:

    1. Stripe format (specific to Stripe)

    2. PayPal format (specific to PayPal)

    3. format:

      • {

  3. Replace placeholders with your actual gateway credentials.

  4. Check the 'is active' box to activate the account.

  5. Click 'Save' to complete the setup.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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