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Setting Up an Authorize.Net Checkout Payment Account
Setting Up an Authorize.Net Checkout Payment Account

Learn how to integrate your Authorize.Net Checkout account with Almabase for processing payments.

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  • Ensure you obtain the necessary unique keys here.

Step 1: Navigate to Payment Gateway Settings

  1. In the Almabase platform, search for 'Settings'.

  2. Proceed to 'Payment gateway'.

Step 2: Select Payment Gateway Type

  1. Choose 'AuthorizeNetCheckout' as the Type.

  2. Name the account as you prefer.

Step 3: Enter Required Credentials

  1. In the "Metadata" field, enter your Login ID, Client ID, and Transaction key.

  2. Follow the format below to enter details:

    1. {
  3. Ensure to replace the placeholders with your actual credentials.

  4. Check the 'is active' box to activate the gateway.

  5. Click "Save" to finalize linking your Checkout payment account with Almabase.

Note: Configuring Non-Mandatory Fields in

  1. Log in to the Merchant Interface at

  2. Navigate to 'Settings' and then to 'Profile'.

  3. Go to 'Payment Form' and then 'Form Fields'.

  4. Uncheck the 'required' box for the following fields:

    • Postal code

    • Address

    • City

    • State

    • Country

    • Province

  5. This step ensures these fields are not mandatory, avoiding potential payment failures.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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