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Understanding Sponsored/Team Tickets
Understanding Sponsored/Team Tickets

Learn about the functionality of the "sponsored or team ticket" and important points for admins.

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To continuously enhance our Events module, we've identified the need to revamp our ticket structure. Hence, we're unveiling a novel ticket type: Sponsored/Team Tickets.

How does it work?

This ticket type simplifies the registration process by eliminating the immediate need to specify guest names during registration.

This stands as the primary distinction between Sponsored/Team tickets and Seated tickets - deferring the input of guest names.

With the introduction of this new ticket type, we steer away from the complications & confusion of adding guest names at the time of registration. For instance:

  • A company wishes to sponsor a dinner table for 8 attendees but lacks guest details.

  • An individual registers for a sports event as a 5-member team, intending to share teammate names later.

Essentially, whenever accompanying guest details remain uncertain during registration, this ticket type seamlessly integrates.

What's new for the admin?

Choosing or configuring Sponsored/Team tickets remains unchanged; it mirrors the Seated ticket setup process.

Exports will list each guest linked to the ticket in the relevant export tab, similar to Seated and Mandatory tickets.

Any subtleties related to this ticket type to monitor?

Given the ticket's defining feature - deferring guest name submission - admins should note:

  • If "Provide attendee name later" is chosen, the system auto-fills it as "Guest 1 of {{registrant full name}}".

  • This auto-populated name will display anywhere the guest name appears, both for users (like on tickets and itineraries) and admins (in guest manager, exports, and so forth).

  • Should the registrant later revise the guest name, updates reflect wherever that name is mentioned.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄

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